Foundation Launches New Endowment to Honor Archbishop Kurtz

$600,000 Already Committed Toward $2 Million Goal
To add to the fun and excitement around the annual Saint Xavier – Trinity football game, the Foundation announced at the Salute to THE GAME luncheon that a new fund that will be added to its permanent endowment – The Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D. D. Scholarship Fund – named to honor Archbishop Kurtz for his exemplary service to the Church in central Kentucky in further celebration of his tenth anniversary in the role.

The initial fundraising goal for the new endowment has been set at $2 million, of which $600,000 of commitments toward the goal have already been obtained. Earnings from the new fund will be used exclusively to support the Foundation’s tuition assistance program for families who cannot afford the full cost of educating their children in a Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Archbishop Kurtz shared his profound gratitude for the Foundation’s initiative, “I want to extend my deep thanks to the Foundation and its Board of Directors for the life-changing work that they do each day for so many families across the archdiocese. And I am so humbled by the formation of this new endowment fund which will provide in perpetuity meaningful financial support to the education of young children who need our help the most. God continues to bless our community in so many ways!”

Foundation President Rich Lechleiter noted, “In 2014, Archbishop Kurtz lead the formation of a new and innovative plan to dramatically expand access to Catholic education across central Kentucky that has changed the lives of many families who thought that Catholic schools were never possible for their children. In fact, through his vision, the Foundation and our funding partners are now supporting 3,000 Catholic school students- more than double the number of students from just three years ago – with tuition assistance funding of an all-time high $6.5 million. Indeed, Archbishop Kurtz gives us the confidence to say to our families in need, ‘The Answer is YES!’”
Donations to The Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D. D. Scholarship Fund should be remitted to: The Catholic Education Foundation, 401 West Main Street, Suite 806, Louisville, KY 40202.