The Ulmer Scholarship Fund

Ulmer Family to Fund Major Endowment Gift

$1,000,000 Gift to Fund Unique Scholarship Program for Low-Income Families

For several years, the Daniel C. Ulmer family has funded annually $50,000 to provide scholarships to support 25 Catholic elementary school students whose families are some of the most needy. Once the student has been designated for the award when they enter kindergarten, this unique program allows the student to retain the $2,500 annual scholarship through the eighth grade, assuming the family continues to qualify each year for tuition assistance.

At the Foundation, we refer to this program as the “Ulmer Scholars Program.” Now, thanks to the generosity of Dan Ulmer and his family, this program will continue in perpetuity.

The family recently agreed to donate $1,000,000 to the permanent endowment of the Foundation, the earnings from which will fund at least $50,000 annually for the benefit of 25 students and their families. As an added benefit to the families, the new fund will continue to award scholarships to these qualifying students if they choose to attend a Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Foundation President Rich Lechleiter remarked, “Wow, the Dan Ulmer family has once again shown us how much they value Catholic education and how high they will reach to help our families who struggle the most – how blessed is this Foundation and this community for their selfless and unending generosity! Since our beginning, the Ulmer family has been one of our leading benefactors and we could not be more thrilled with this fabulous gift, their largest ever!!”

Archbishop Kurtz noted with gratitude, “Dan and his family want the Ulmer Scholars Program to provide hope to families forever through this amazing gift. And they want to extend the scholarships all the way through high school. This is fantastic! Dan is not only generous, he’s also a visionary who sees the challenges that families face and provides a solution that will last. May God bless the Ulmer family for their genuine concern for others!”

Dan Ulmer remarked, “Catholic education has provided such great opportunities for my entire family and I’m humbled to share that gift with other families who struggle every day to make ends meet. I think that we need to do more for these families, particularly as they consider a Catholic high school for their kids.”