The Hyland Family Endowment Fund

The Hyland families, along with their family-owned business, Hyland Insurance, recently founded a new permanent endowment fund at the Foundation in memory of Bill and Rosemary Hyland.  Earnings from the fund will be used exclusively to provide tuition assistance to Catholic elementary students in the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Business founder Tim Hyland remarked, “Putting seven children through Catholic grade school and high school was no easy feat for our parents, but they made the sacrifices to ensure that my brothers and sisters had access to a Catholic education. The incredible legacy they established has been carried forward by each generation that followed and we are so blessed to partner with the Catholic Education Foundation to ensure that more needy families will get this life-changing opportunity for their children.”

Foundation President Rich Lechleiter exclaimed, “How awesome it is that a successful, family-owned business like Hyland Insurance recognizes the value of a Catholic education and its importance to their family and the community! ¬†Thanks to the Hyland family, this extremely generous gift gives us even more confidence to say, ‘The Answer is Yes!’ to everyone who needs us. We couldn’t be more grateful to Tim, his son and company President, Terry, the entire extended Hyland family and everyone at Hyland Insurance for this wonderful gift!”