Walsh Family Scholarship Fund

The Walsh Family Scholarship was created in recognition of the Walsh family’s commitment to Catholic education. Tony and Doris Walsh decided to make the necessary sacrifices to send their six children to Our Lady of Lourdes beginning in the late 1950s. Their sacrifices laid the foundation for generations to come, as not only their children but their grandchildren and now great-grandchildren have received the benefits of a Catholic education. This scholarship will honor Tony and Doris Walsh by helping to provide a Catholic education for other members of the community who need assistance to attend school, thereby helping future generations prosper by having the solid foundation of a Catholic education.

This scholarship is also to honor the memory of Denise Kolb Walsh who passed away in March of 2023. Denise, who had the challenging job of being a stay-at-home Mom to three children, made numerous personal sacrifices to help ensure that her kids received the benefit of a Catholic school education. While her children attended Ascension Catholic School, Denise enthusiastically helped with the various activities and sports that the children were involved in. Denise was a doer and an organizer, so she assisted with everything from Quick Recall to field hockey and whatever else came up along the way. Once her children had moved on to high school, Denise stayed at Ascension as a member of the lunchroom staff for many years. The Ascension School community was part of the fabric of Denise’s life, and she was fully committed to helping the students get the most out of their school experience. Denise knew the name of each student that came through the lunchroom, and they became a part of her extended Ascension family. Denise was a tremendous asset to the school community.

Catholic education does not happen without the commitment of parents and families who do whatever is necessary to provide the best opportunity for their children. The Walsh Family Scholarship hopes to honor their commitment by helping other families receive the benefit of a Catholic education and in the process enriching our entire community.